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Life on the club scene

Four days of being nineteen and I was finally going to a dance club. I was never one to attend house parties and I was such a law abiding child I never wanted to drink underage unless it was at home when my parents willingly offered me something, even then I said no…but they only seemed to be offering beer or wine—ew. 

As this was belated birthday celebrations I was crazily excited and was heading out with one of my uni friends who was definitely a little party crazy, but I couldn’t wait to go out with her. After a weird dinner with some of her friends, my friend, S, and one of our other friend’s headed back to my place for some pre-drinking. As I was completely new at this I was a little thrown back when we passed a bottle of Jack Daniels around and each took a swig until we decided it was a good time to go. We arrived and luckily, my friend K had a cousin DJing there that night so we were VIP and free to get in. 

This club was a lot smaller than I expected, but the music was booming and the dance floor was some what crowded so I was happy to go out dancing. S suddenly screamed into my ear that her goal for me was to make out with some guy, and since I had only ever dated one guy I never even thought this was an option. The first guy who picked me from the crowd to dance with was summoned by my friend that I deserved a birthday kiss, and not much later I was making out with him. Mission accomplished S. A few shots down and a few guys later K arrived and we headed to the VIP section where her cousins were hanging out. After a few more shots we were back on the dance floor.

I was soon taking a pic of two guys, and soon after one of them came back and began dancing with me the rest of the night! This guy was totally my type. He asked for my number and I gave it to him as my friend and I left the club, and he said he would just text “hey, remember me? You remember what my name is?” and I’d have to text it back. It was pretty cute and funny at the time. 

S and I then walked back to my place, and although she had promised to take care of me as it was my bday celebration she was completely out of it and I was just glad I trusted myself not to drink too much.

So many people had told me that it wasn’t that exciting to go out, but I had such a great time and so many funny stories I just don’t understand what isn’t to like? Clubs or bars? What’s your choice?

Weirdest moment of the night: Dancing with this one guy, mostly because he found my friend’s ID on the floor, and he starts putting his hands up along my sides and as my arms are up he tickles under my arms!! Who does that?! What’s your weirdest club moment?


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